Sunday, June 25, 2006

'what is it, my pet? Time for love?

Assalammualiakum, selamat sejahtera, hello, vanaakam, sastrikal, nie how... It is I Sharifah Amani binti Syed Zainal Rashid Al Yahya here, or better known in this production as Nell... When Gavin called to ask me to do this play I really didn't know what I was getting myself into... "Abenda Samuel Beckett? Siape tu?" I wondered. Gavin had said something about it being absurd and from then I knew I wanted to do it. Hehehe... so I met up with the mat salleh/cina at Bangsar Shopping Center. We talked kejap then he pulled out a part from the script. It was about three pages I think. Then dia suruh saya baca. So saya baca. The text macam mana sikit I baca pun straight away you can rasa the lawak and sedih. I enjoyed the words so much I told Mr. Yap that I wanted in. The next day it was Borders to the rescue. Gua lompat dalam tempat tu asking for anything and everything they had to do with Samuel Becket. Dah jumpe gua lepak kat cafe jap nak baca lah the whole play because I had only read three pages of it. I wanted to know more about my charector Nell and what else she has to say or what else she does... What I found out was very, very shocking. It turns out those three pages that I had read with Gavin at BSC were.... well interesting.... "Bangang Punya Gavin Yap!! Cepat betul!" I terjerit kat the cafe. Hehehe... But as I read on I fell more in love with the words. The man's a genius. I will never get a chance to deliver lines like this in a movie. Not in a milion years. This play is something so far away from what I know. It's going to be a challenge and I love it! Bring it on, Beckett!


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