Saturday, July 01, 2006


late friday night. me and me script. me and nagg. me getting into nagg. nagg getting into me.

you buncha perverts. i know what you're thinking.

or not? sorry. at this age one still does assume a lot.

i've always thought having a character live within you's easy. no wonder me actors gave me the finger(s) when i directed them a coupla months ago. the idea of opening up (and i mean it in the cleanest way), doing your thing, doing what you wanna do, being as silly as you can possibly be (and you know you can, you wanna), isn't the easiest thing to do either. there's just too much fucking things going on in me head, it's damn hard to concentrate during rehearsals sometimes. you get too fucking conscious of yourself, your head asks a mill and one questions, and this is in a room with three, four people. on august it'd be like, in fronta 100, 200 orang? haaa. someone gimme a paper bag.

but i've been trying to get me groove back. dah lamer tak ber-acting, one somehow crawls back into the shell of comfort, safety. the gav and the bunch, they been encouraging. more time, more rehearsals, the more i get outa me cave, the more i get into me character, the play. two weeks into rehearsals now, and it's gettin there, albeit slowly.

nagg has been, well, challenging. it's not like i can dig up something of me past on being someone's dad; i've been an annoying son to me dad, that i know. the gav suggest i talk to people who's got kids, who's expecting, who's got kids who are grown up. been approaching a few, and it's been enlightening. i mean, i'm usually with me buncha hoots and they're no where as experienced (har har) as these people. and so talking to them, i bring home a thing or two every time, and it isn't just for this production. faham faham la.

how do you think it's like being parents, to have kids, more so when they're all grown up? hm. a toughie.

neways, posters are up, postcards are everywhere, so look out of them.



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