Saturday, July 08, 2006

The radio show

No one has updated this blog for a while. Gavin is busy during the day with the Beckett Residency, where, no doubt, he is behaving like the lobotomised ape we have come to know and despise. Nani has her stuff to do, whatever that may be; Kelvin has classes (he is a student; we had to order him milk at the pub the other day); Alvin is being perpetually shot. I have been trying, without success, to earn a living; and, for reasons best known to himself, Lawrence has been sweeping the rehearsal room floor.

Anyway, last night the four of us sat around a microphone and recorded all of Endgame, reading it as if it were a radio play. Gavin was gimping around at the back providing the necessary sound effects (by dropping things on the floor, pretending to be an alarm clock, and miming masturbation. You will have to ask him about that last one yourself). Jia-Wei wasn't around, so I'm sorry but there are no pictures. Maybe later I shall try to provide you some chicken scratchings, but to be honest this is rather embarrassing and I'd much rather be playing with my playstation. So there.

Anyway, our friends from Ireland (who are here conducting the aforesaid Beckett Residency) interviewed us one evening for their friends at home, so now the Irish will know what a pack of talentless hacks we really are. I'm secretly hoping that the Taoiseach will declare us Outlaws. It will make my CV look good compared to the crap that's there. Anyway, at some point during the interview we hit on the idea of recording the play. It's an analogue recording, and Gavin has promised to get a digital conversion done. After we do that, we'll post some mp3s here so you lousy lazy stinking fence-sitting Malaysian gits will have a better idea if this is a play you want to see.


Anonymous k said...

bah, an arsehole of a waiter insisted on me ID upon ordering me beers the other day. ggrrr.

11:24 pm  
Anonymous fireangel said...


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